Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Son-day

With Mothers day over and Fathers Day quickly approaching the boys have been very anxious to know when "kid's day" was. Last night on our date night John and I found ourselves at one of our favorite date night stops - DI. There is nothing better than finding a good thrift find. Last night we hit gold with a golf bag for Caleb and a cash register for Davis that is a calculator with a working drawer with money inside!

On the way home from Church today we decided that since it was Sunday we would make it Son-day instead for an excuse to give them their presents. Becks got a fruit roll up and was happier than the other two with his present :) They requested individual cakes and so I quickly made them little messy cakes with their initial on it.

Which Davis dove right into - literally!

We toasted to them and we enjoyed milk from our fancy glasses
(from a previous happy trip to DI)

Mom and Dad got a cake too!

We sure feel blessed to be our boys parents!
Happy Son-day!

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