Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I love 1:00 Church

Most people dread the 1:00 block time for Church and normally I am right there with them! But this year its bliss! Each of our boys has slept in my arms during Sacrament for a year or two while they are toddlers if I will sit in the Mothers lounge and rock them. By the time we moved to CA in November Beckham would hardly go down at 11:00. Those months in Brea were pure Sacrament meeting misery and I missed that time so much. But now with 1:00 Church each Sunday I get to spent 1 hour rocking my babe and watching his relaxed face and perfect lips dream in my arms. That precious time has been one of my greatest joys in motherhood!

Its funny how each of them have projected their own personality onto that time too! Caleb fought to go to sleep! Each Sunday I would hold him tight while he fought and screamed and screamed until he was so mad that he would finally stick his two little fingers into his mouth and fall asleep in about a minute. Davis was the complete opposite of Caleb! He rebelled at the idea of being held tight. He simply wanted to sit in my lap as I rocked and let himself drift slowly to sleep. I couldn't try to hold him laying in my arms - he had to be sitting up! Beckham is right in the middle. He loves to go to sleep and will do it willingly but he does have to be held and told to go "night-night" as he tries to tune out the other distractions.

I love the long blinks as their little eyes fight to stay awake until finally they drop and stay closed.....I love the little pucker their lips make while they sleep....I love how their total relaxed weight feels in my arms!

As I held Becks this last Sunday while he slept in my arms I realized how lucky I am to have one more year of this. One more year to stare into his face and spend that time just him and me. I tried to sneakily stand up and move to the actual Chapel but he immediately woke...I still haven't learned that they want me to stay put because none of them would make the transfer - but deep down secretly I'm glad!


Michele said...

Hi Lisa- I randomly happened upon your blog. I don't know if you even remember me but I married Nathan Devlin- he and John served together in the Philippines. It has been so much fun to catch up with your cute family, your boys are adorable! I was so sorry to hear about your mom, I remember meeting her once at your house in Utah and she was a lovely lady. It looks like you all are doing well- Nate says HI too!

Michele said...

Ok- signed into the wrong user account. You can access our blog on this account or go to

Annie said...

I agree, there are reasons to love 1pm church. There's nothing better than holding a peaceful, sleeping boy. :)