Saturday, April 30, 2011

Setting things STRAIGHT!

My friend Valerie did a straightening perm on my hair today and I think I have joined my Mama in heaven!!! Ive wanted a Brazilian blowout ever since I heard about them but it was not even close to our budget range. Val suggested we do the straightening perm and it is A-MAY-ZING! I don't even recognize my hair.

You all probably think I'm being overly dramatic but I got my prepregnacy hair back!

Updated to add: I will post a picture when I do my hair tomorrow but it looks pretty much the same as when I did it straight - the difference is the work to get it that way. I use to use my flat iron over and over to get it straight (if it would go completely straight) but now it goes almost completely straight with me just blow drying it and its not as frizzy.

A straightening perm is a just like a perm but instead of using rollers Val just kept combing it straight while the solution was on. My hair was really curly in the back and got curlier after every pregnancy but the very front was still mostly straight. It was not evenly curly so it did not look good curly but it was impossible to wear down without intense straightening measures or using hot rollers.

My hair still has a tiny bit of wave that is gone with simply blow drying and there was one spot in the back that was very curly that I will still probably have to flat iron but most of the curl is gone.

Don't know if that helps any....


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Pictures? Please! Ask her if she thinks it will work on my hair?

Jamie Parke said...

As someone who has wanted to have her hair straightened for years I definitely do not think you are being overly dramatic. I have been thinking about it for like the last 7 years and recently went for a consultation where I was given an estimate of $400. I just can't bring myself to do it even though I really want to.

What is the difference between the brazillian & the straight perm? Does it work on super curly hair?

Campbell Family said...

Glad to hear that it worked great! I had never heard of that before...interesting. I loved seeing the pictures of you all celebrating you moms b-day. What a neat day.

Abbie said...

I have just enough curl that when I want to wear it curly it is somewhat ok (as long as I don't touch it...but that's my problem). So of course when I blow dry it before I straighten it, it is a CRAZY mess! I'm glad to hear your straightening perm turned out so good for you! I might just have to take it into consideration.