Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good times documented in bad pictures!

While I was in CA one of the highlights was to grab my boys after school and take them to Disneyland. We went almost everyday from 3-6. We would park at Downtown Disney and hop on the monorail and come out perfectly in place to go on the Submarines - the first ride every time! We just went to hang out and it was so fun. All I ever took were our passes, my camera, and one diaper shoved into my tiny little purse.

The Double Decker bus on Main Street

We found out you could ride in the front of the Monorail and that became a favorite part of our routine!

The Train- we could never ride it past Tomorrowland because Davis did not want to see the dinosaurs!

The Rockets was another routine ride that we did every day. I hadn't taken the time to ride it since being in High School and its one of the only rides that can make me sick!

This is when I learned that Davis LOVED to see the characters and we bought him his first autograph book.

Main Street at night is so magical!
But the teacups at night is my favorite!
It reminds me of how I dream of spending my summer evenings!

These next pictures were after my Mom passed when we spent a few days staying behind to be together as a family. The boys LOVE Heimlich's chew chew train!

Other highlights were the Tiki Room, Autopia, Carousel, Dumbo, Tarzan's Treehouse, and Buzz.

I have always loved Disneyland but at this time in my life it became even more special to me. Disneyland has always transformed me into the kind of Mom I wanted to be. I learned that from my Mom. It will always remind me of her and this special once in a lifetime opportunity when I cared for her and for my young children at the same time.

My whole world was upside down but Disneyland truly was my happy place to escape to. It was the shelter from my grief that happily transformed my world into something magical each evening and gave me a little bit of pixie dust to lift and strengthen me. I will forever be grateful to Disneyland for giving me the safety and security that I needed and longed for.


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Yay For Disneyland!!!

Wheeler Bunch said...

I love how you love disneyland..these pictures make me want to go sooo bad!