Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally! Here is the project I procrastinated for 3 whole years!

(they do close and open)

When we moved in I discovered that if someone were on a latter on the top of the hill with binoculars they could see into our bathroom and bedroom. I know - remote possibility but still kind of weirded me out. I didn't worry too much since the neighborhood was so sparse but I always wanted to build working shutters to put on the window. And now we finally did! I love the way it turned out. We went to St Thomas on our honeymoon and Ive always tried to give our room and bedroom that rustic beach feel to remind us of the romance of the Caribbean. These shutters really help give that ambiance and we did it for only $25!

Here is the last of my projects that Ive been working on in our Entry way. The first was to get our coat rack under control!

Now we each have our own hook to hook 1 jacket on - not every jacket we own :)

I also had two hanging frames next to our big mirror in the entry way that needed to be freshened up. My Mom had a framed arrangement of keys that hung in my parents house. It fell and broke shortly after she passed away and my Dad told me I could have the keys if I wanted them. Many of these are actual keys from my Great Grandma Lula and my Moms childhood. I made displays in both of the frames and am really happy with the way they turned out and both of these projects came in at a whopping $2 total! Now I just need to paint my mirror!


Megan said...

I love your ideas... you get me motivated to do the projects I have been wanting to do, plus new ones.... THANKS!!!

Wheeler Bunch said...

i love the shutters...great idea:)

Abbie said...

Seriously...LOVE IT ALL!!!

Raelyn said...

The shutters are awesome!
That is our same room accent color. Beachy. Love the entry hooks and the pictures above them too!
The keys are great!
I want to do some key art too. Just have to find the keys!

amandamenghini said...

Love the color of the shutters- very gorgeous! Way to go!