Monday, February 14, 2011

The value of work

I am home. It was a hard drive feeling like I was leaving this period of my life behind me in California. But then we pulled in and I walked into my warm clean home and my heart felt calm and peace. I cant even begin to express how good it felt to come home to a clean house. My friends and my sisters from Church cleaned it for me and that act of service is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. I had cards waiting for me and Pam even came and stocked my fridge and turned my heat on. What a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful friends.

I drove Caleb to school today and on the way home as we drove up Sand Hallow Road I looked out at the red rock formations and open land and could not help but breathe in a big sigh of relief. I love California and always will, but this is my home. I love the wide open spaces, friendly strangers, clean air, and small town feel. California resonates with one part of my soul, but Hurricane resonates with my mothering soul.

I know that my Mom will always be a part of my life in my heart and in all of the lessons she taught me. The one lesson I had forgotten until I lived back with her was how much of a priority it is to have my house in order. My house is pretty clean and mostly organized but its hard to keep things tidy with 3 little boys - especially when everything doesn't have a good home. I'm going to make her proud over the next few weeks as I really renovate the inside of our home.

Maybe that's what I love about Hurricane. It satisfies the homesteading need in my soul. John and I took this bare piece of land and started building a home - from scratch. Then we added tiny trees that we can see grow bigger each year. Its like we can see ourselves age and mature in the land around us. We have so many plans for our little piece of land here. It takes work but it also makes us appreciate our little hallowed piece of land. Its the work and patience that make it so meaningful.

My Mom would be proud that I finally appreciate the value of work.


Sarie said...

Must feel good to be home! Love ya Lis.

Raelyn said...

Home Sweet Home! HUGS!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Can't wait to come see all the fun stuff you've been doing (dang sick kids)! Glad to have you back! I've missed the daily phone calls! Love ya!