Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mean Mothers School

Dear Mom,

Today our lesson in Relief Society was on the talk Courageous Parenting by Larry R. Lawrence from the last General Conference. I can only imagine the Amens and Hallelujahs coming out of your mouth as you listened to that talk :)

I felt like I could hardly contain myself today! I had so much to say, so much I wanted to share. You were a courageous parent!

You were not a perfect parent. I think it would do your memory disservice to try to pretend otherwise but your heart was in the right place. You wanted the best for us and you were not afraid to put off temporary peace and happiness to teach us how to have lasting peace and happiness.

Do you remember how you would tell us you went to "mean Mom school." I swore I would never say that to my kids, but I do. I remember when you told me not only did you go to mean Mom school but you were the Valedictorian, Principal, and founder of it. I believed you!

I loved that he called it Courageous Parenting. It does take courage to do whats right rather than whats easy. Don't worry, I am trying to be a courageous parent like you were. I change a few things here and there and am making my own mistakes, but I hope my kids feel loved the way we did. So far I think I'm doing alright. When I told Davis I went to mean Mom school and the reason why he couldn't do what he wanted to do was because he had a real mean Mom - he looked devastated! His lip quivered and he said, "no you're not Mommy, you're a nice Mommy."

I just wanted to say thanks again for teaching me. I appreciate you so much more each day and your talents and abilities. You were amazing! I am sure that right now you are carrying amazing to new Celestial heights!

I love you,

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