Sunday, October 17, 2010


Caleb wanted to enter the Reflections PTA contest in the Photography category. The theme this year is "Together we can". Here is his picture and his artists statement.

I wanted to build a town with my Geo Trax Train to show people working together and I wanted to build it with my brother Davis. We can work together too.

My Mom let me use her camera and I took lots of pictures of our town from lots of different ways. I liked this one the best because it looks like the girl is waiting for the train.

By Caleb Henderson

I'm pretty proud of him. That's a pretty rockin' picture! For the record I really did walk away and left him with my camera. He took about 200 pictures and then told me he was done and I put the card in and found a lot of good pictures. He really loves photography and he really has a talent for it!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Way to go Caleb! Super great picture!

SLO Rober said...

Props to Caleb. Very impressive.

Lawther family said...

very impressive he is a very impressive boy and very smart.

Abbie said...

That turned out great! I love that he said he can wanted to build it with Davis and that they can work together. Good job Caleb!!!

Sara said...

That is a better picture than every single picture I've ever taken in my life. Awesome job Caleb. And I love what he had to say too.

Grandma Caroline said...

My oh my, I'm really impressed. He is turning into a fine young man!