Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing Catch up - BYU vs UW

I never posted about our trip to the BYU game and hopefully this is better late than never...

We started out with a trip to the Snell Building to remember all the good memories made there and it was fun to show them where Daddy went to classes. I think its funny to watch kids when we talk about us when we were younger. Its hard for them to imagine.

Since Mommy's building has been torn down we headed over to the Wilkinson center to take the boys bowling.

I like to call this picture...wheres Beckham?

And then the best part of the trip happened!
and Aunts and Uncles of course!

The campus was beautiful! It was the first week of school and it was funny to see how young some of the kids looked on campus. I'm sure I never looked that young and small! That year must change people a lot because then the rest of the student body looked older but the freshman were very obvious!

We have about a hundred pictures of the kids chasing John. They loved every second of it, as did the other adults who got a break from chasing kids!

When they weren't chasing him, they were racing him!

Ive decided this is a great place to take a picture each year and watch how the kids grow.

The day was a hit! Come back tomorrow for swimming!


Grandma Caroline said...

Lots of great pictures! Loved every one. Thanks for sharing!

Abbie said...

How fun. The boys will be taller than that picture before you know it.