Friday, October 1, 2010


My heart is bursting with the love I have for these three amazing boys that it quite literally can take the breath from me. I have seen them differently these last two days. Its like I have seen a true glimpse of who they are and how important I am to them.

Yesterday was PB & J day at school so I took Caleb to lunch and he told me proudly that he bragged to everyone that he had a "date." And then he proceeded to spell it for me D-A-T-E! I scooped him up, literally, and ran out with him over my shoulder laughing and tickling him the whole way. We played hookie and I kept him with me for a couple of hours doing important things like searching for the perfect pack of silly bands. Today Davis, Beckham, and I were buddies the whole day. We played and laughed and did piggies a hundred times.

We did the ordinary - but it felt extraordinary.

Caleb came home from school today and I was editing pictures but that didn't stop him from coming in and curling up on the couch next to the computer and talking. Then he talked more and told me all about the playground drama and why he was choosing certain friends and about his teachers and everything else that his important little world is comprised of. It was the most beautiful melody. I kept myself quiet and out of "teach and direct" mode so I could just listen to what he had to say. It was so fulfilling.

Our Bishop and his wife were willing to watch our kids tonight so John and I could escape to the Temple and Caleb got a headache while we were gone. When I picked him up he said he was glad I was there, he just needed me. My heart filled with joy that I bring comfort to him. I don't think there is anything else that makes me feel quite as extraordinary as that. I got him medicine, dressed him in jammies, and laid next to him singing and stoking his hurting head.

I love to be a Mom. I love to be my boys Mom. Everything felt so complete while I sat there in the dark listening to the sweet rhythm of their breathing. These three boys were meant to be mine. I am content with what we have been given and I do not wish for more because I do not lack.

I use to think I had so much to teach them, but Ive realized that I have so much more to learn from them. I have love to give out freely and unconditionally but the more I learn from them the more I will be teaching them.

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Sabrina said...

That was beautiful! I feel the same way about being a mother to Bryce an Caylee. Thank you for sharing.