Friday, January 30, 2009

Officially RSV

Last night we had to take Beckham in for his first suction because he was retracting so bad (where his stomach/neck sink and is one of the first signs of respiratory distress). His lungs sounded good but my Dr told me not to take any chances. They sucked his nose and throat out and sent that away to find out exactly what virus he has.

This morning he woke up retracting worse but still sounding clear but I took him in just to be safe. His oxygen was at 94 when we went in (they want it above 90) and he did sound clear but his retraction was bad. She suctioned him out and said that with him being sucked out last night that there was a lot of stuff. She also said based on what she saw she thought he probably did have RSV. His oxygen went up to 98 but his retraction didn't get any better.

We got the results about an hour after we got home and I'm not surprised based on the fact that he got this from his brothers and it makes sense why Caleb's asthma got so bad and he had to use the heavy steroids and have such heavy treatments for 4 to 5 days. There biggest concern is that he will stop eating which has not been a problem until this last bottle where I could only get him to take an ounce and half. We will just keep watching him and taking him to the clinic to be suctioned and evaluated. At this point on a scale of 0-5 (0 being normal and 5 being admitted to the hospital) he is a 2.

Anyway, I want to do some more research on RSV since I got conflicting info from the pediatrician and the respiratory therapist about when the worst will be. According to the pediatrician we are in the worst of it right now and in 10 days he should be better except a little lingering cough (this is where Davis is) but according to the respiratory therapist its going to continue to get progressively worse and will last about 28 days. Sadly I'm pretty sure the respiratory therapist knows what she is talking about.

Until then we will just continue to lay low and chill around the house in our jammies.
And for the record, no I'm not okay. I'm just barely holding on and holding it to together. These racing helmets have been a lifesaver since it gets the kids running around and they can get their energy out while stuck at home (many thanks Brian and Kate)! Poor Caleb didn't get to go to gymnastics or preschool because I didn't want any other germs coming into the house!