Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a two weeks it has been...

I guess I couldn't really expect with two kids with raging cold/chest virus' that our little man would be spared...but any hope I had was dashed yesterday when he started in on the virus. Yesterday he just had a stuffy nose and little raspy cough and it was his two week apt. So he also was circumcised and had to do his 5th heal prick test. We still have not heard back on the PKU and they call this two week test a "PKU" test but they check for a whole bunch of other disorders too so he was not spared that trauma.

His little virus got worse over the night and by this morning he was coughing bad and starting to have difficulty breathing so we were off to the pediatrician for the 7th apt in the last 9 business days! Hes in the early stages of having bronchiolitis. I am feeling better since they gave us a prescription for the bronchiolitis clinic which is a clinic where I can take him, any time day or night, and have him sucked out and they will check his oxygen saturation and give him treatments if he needs them. Its nice to know that there is a resource and I don't have to worry about making it to the morning or paying the huge ER copay. They said there are a ton of virus' that can cause bronchiolitis which is just an umbrella name for breathing problems and lung infection, one of them is RSV. If we take him into the clinic the first time my Dr has ordered that they test him to see exactly what he has.

The only saving grace has been his sweet disposition. I seriously have tears in my eyes when I think about what a trooper he has been. I thought Davis was a good baby but Beckham has handled everything without ever getting fussy or cranky. He never has crying bouts but is....peaceful. I think that's the best word I could use to describe him. Last night as I lay in bed with him propped up in the boppy pillow by my head. He was coughing, trying to breath through his stuffy nose and he just smiled and stretched and slowly closed his eyes as his breathing eased up a little as he drifted off to sleep. He is the PERFECT baby!Mom on the other hand is not peaceful, perhaps afraid, frustrated, at her wits end for a break would be a better description. It just feels like its been one thing after another for about 9 months! I'm ready to just be a normal family and have everyone healthy and be able to just relax and enjoy normal life!

I'm forgetting what that is like....

To end on a funny note: Yesterday when we were at the Pediatrician Davis was with us and they came in to do the heal prick and they use the tray they use when they give shots. Davis was sitting in the stroller and he saw that and DOVE, and I mean DOVE, head first to the side out of the stroller and under the chair. He then proceeded to work his way under the other two chairs until he was all the way in the corner hiding behind the stroller saying, "no, no, no, stop it!" Guess he hasn't forgotten about his 2 year check up yet!

(I'm sorry but I turned off the comments for this post. I'm sure you all would have sweet words of comfort but I just felt like I wanted to just inform and not get feedback. I'm not trying to be rude I just feel like I'm always talking about some sort of drama of one sort or another and you are all always so sweet but today I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there and leave it at that. I hope that makes sense and that you all understand)