Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Advantages to be Induced

  • Babysitters are all lined up (we have the best friends who are like family, since we don't have any family around here...Thank you!)
  • Laundry is all done and put away
  • Time off from work is all lined up ahead of time
  • The house is clean with clean sheets to put on the bed right before we leave
  • The car is packed
  • Make up makes for much better "after the delivery" pictures
  • Season 2 of Numbers that the library has for me to pick up tomorrow to watch during labor on our DVD player
  • I will be sure to get the meds I need before delivery
  • Getting a blessing the night before
  • Having a ready response for when people ask, "WOW you must be ready to pop!" ME: "Yes, I will be popped on Tuesday..."
  • KNOWING that in 48 hours from now I will hold our new sweet baby!!!
Oh, and for the record my guess for Beck's eyes is blue. John refuses to guess! The only reason I'm guessing blue is because I had NO clue with Caleb but from the day I found out I was pregnant with Davis I KNEW his were going to be brown. This time around...clueless so I'm just guessing like the last time I was clueless. It would be sweet though to get a green eyed baby and have one of each!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Can't wait to see little Beckham and have Nathan meet his next newest friend! hehe :)

Let us know if you need Scott to come over tomorrow night to help with the blessing. He would be more then happy!

I'm sure I'll talk to you tomorrow, but good luck on Tuesday!

Campbell Family said...

Wahoo! It is almost here....finally! You have named a lot of positives about being induced. I think one of best reasons is that you have all the babysitters lined up for caleb and davis. How nice! Good luck girl. I hope I can talk to you on Monday.

Boons said...

You've been a trooper through everything and tomorrow you will get to meet the little guy you've done all this for! Beckham is pretty lucky to have a family like you guys. Good luck! Can't wait to get the phone call tomorrow!!

Annie said...

It's tomorrow! It's so exciting to know he'll be here tomorrow! Good luck with everything!

Sara said...

The sun'll come up, tomorrow... Yay!