Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hangin' Tough

Our boy is fighting and hes winning!
So far so good....We have been taking him in twice a day to get his nose and throat sucked out, which he hates! It helps keeps him clear and Friday night the stuff they were sucking out started to get really thick. On Saturday because of the thickness the respiratory therapist said she thought at that point that we were going through the worst of it. Last night he didn't even really seem like he needed to go in but we took him anyway just to stay on top of things and not lose any ground. They also had lowered his rating to a 1 because he was still retracting but he was doing better. His appetite is back up and hes eating like crazy and starting to be more awake. Which is fun for us but I think for him it makes him realize that he doesn't feel very good so hes more fussy, not that we blame him. He still has a cough that sounds like sandpaper in his lungs poor guy. John just called and when he went in this morning he was a 0!!! Yea!

I'm trying not to get my hopes to high since we have had it explained that with RSV you think you are over the worst of it and getting better and then WHAM it will pick up speed again. This is actually where Davis is and hes been having a horrible bout with it again. We are surviving and all staying home today just to make sure we aren't bringing any other nasty little virus' into share with Beckham until we feel this is under control. Caleb and Davis are going stir crazy...perhaps a ride in Daddy's truck will perk them up!
All bundled up to go the hospital
Updated: Well, I was told I shouldn't get my hopes up (but secretly I did)...tonight for the first time when I listened to him he was wheezing so John is taking him down to the hospital as I type.His nose sounds pretty clear but his little cough has gotten worse. Argh!

Later: After they sucked him out the wheezing stopped Yea! As long as we can keep the bronchiolitis at bay we will be okay :) This is when you don't want to have a family history of asthma, but we are too late there!

Pray, Pray, Pray

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