Friday, January 23, 2009

Our week at the pediatrition

Last Friday: Took Beckham in for rash and the gagging
Monday: Caleb went in for breathing issues and got put on really, REALLY strong steroids
Tuesday: Beckhams 1 week check up. Found out about the PKU test had blood drawn from arm
Wednesday: Our day off :)
Thursday: More PKU testing because the results came back inconclusive. Had heel pricked and had to wear a bladder bag. Came back after he had peed but nothing made it into the bag. Had a new bag applied and waited for an hour and half for him to pee (this equaled 3 trips into the Dr office).
Friday: Took Davis and Caleb in for suspected ear infections. Davis has a double ear infection and Caleb has one. As I was currently starting this post I hear vomiting from the bathroom and Caleb is now throwing up, as in the stomach flu throwing up (Ummm NOPE its a huge allergic reaction. He ate a couple walnuts off of a Banana nut muffin from Costco and I'm pretty sure that's what made him throw up. Now hes covered, and I mean covered, from head to toe with huge welts and hes itching like crazy. Guess his nut allergy is getting worse....)

Honestly it hasn't been too bad because my parents have been here to help its just kind of a joke now! I do feel better about the PKU stuff. We probably wont get the results until next week sometime but the Dr I talked to today has one PKU patient and her levels were off the chart from day one and got worse over time, where Beckhams have gone down. She also told us that it takes months for the brain damage to start to happen. So I feel much better and more patient waiting for the results. Thanks so much for all your prayers and thoughts. Its sounds really bad but unless the baby gets sick we are all good!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Ok, I don't think I could handle all that. kam had to get a shot today and all the time in the waiting room plus kam feeling sick later on because of it was enough to stress me out. i hope you get some sleep soon and those boys start feeling better! i'm glad you're feeling better about Beckham -- let us know as soon as you find out!

Sara said...

Oh wow Lis! That is a crazy week. I'm so glad you at least have your parents around to help you out.