Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A day at Preschool...

Today was the day that I get to go into Caleb's Preschool and be the mother helper. It was so fun and man what a difference a year makes. There were 5 kids that were in his class from last year and then 10 new ones. Last year there was always crying and kids fighting over toys and today I didn't break up one fight or one argument. They listened so well and I just love Ms Morris and I am loving this preschool. They do a lot of science and they do their letters and so hes learning a lot but more than that I think she really emphasises being a good friend. She does so many activities that revolve around complimenting each other and also she has us parents send kindness notes that she reads to the class of the nice things they do. Honestly you can see the fruits of it too just in the way the class behaves. The kids were nice to each other and for 15 four/five year olds to be together for 2 1/2 hours and not have one fight or argument is pretty impressive.

It just so happened that today was the day that Caleb was being spotlighted (she reads about them and the kids guess who it is) when she said he had a brother named Davis Caleb looked over at me and winked. Seriously...so cute that when he knew it was him he didn't jump up and down or say its me, but just gave me a cute little wink. After they read the paragraph and the kids guessed it was Caleb then they all get a chance to say something they like about Caleb. Then Ms Morris says something she likes about him too. I was pretty proud of what she said to..."I had Caleb all last year and from then until now I have never seen him be mean to anyone." Cant say that as his Mom she could have given him any higher compliment!

Anyway, I just left today feeling really proud of the kind of person he is becomeing. He is deeply sensitive to others feelings and will play with anyone. In fact most of the kids in the class have one buddy that they really stick close to but Caleb just plays with everyone and is content to play by himself too.

He is one special kiddo and Im glad that he is all mine for right now!

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Evenson Fam said...

He is so cute. I can just see him winking at you!