Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today is a big day...

Most people don't celebrate the day they hit 24 weeks pregnant but we do in this house! It means that the baby is now able to be saved at our hospital. NOT that we plan on having Becks come so soon BUT if for some reason something happened now we know he could live. He would be severely handicapped which is why we now look forward to 28 weeks which is where they start to be able to be born and live a normal life. There are still chances of brain bleeds at 28 weeks but it starts to go down dramatically. 27 weeks 6 days was how far along I was when Caleb tried to come.

I was told by a labor and delivery nurse here that once you're 30 weeks they don't even blink an eye because they can do so much for them and they may be small but they catch up. Don't get me wrong my goal is always 38 weeks but still there is comfort in knowing that I'm getting far enough along to keep Beckham.

Its amazing how much he means to be already. Hes a little active one! I think I know why the name Beckham seemed so right because this kid never stops moving! I notice it more when hes not moving than when he is because he is that active! I cant wait to meet this little guy and hold him!

I haven't had contractions in about 3-4 weeks. Still pressure but Ive gotten much better at realizing what makes me contract. I was told once you start you wont stop but looks like for me I have stopped the contractions for the most part.



C, D, and S Henderson said...

We are so glad things are going well! We'll keep you in our prayers!

Mae said...

I've been praying you would make it past this date, too. I'll keep praying for 38 weeks. (Is it just a given you won't make it to 40?)

Boons said...

That's great! We hope these last 16 weeks or so continue to go smooth!