Thursday, September 11, 2008

My big boy is getting even bigger!

On Tuesday Caleb started 4 yr old Preschool and it was so fun and so great to see him all grown up this year. He walked right into his new class, found the place for his backpack and then turned around and said, "its time for you to go now Mom!" He loves his class and he was so excited to have school start again. He was whooping for joy...I'm not exaggerating. All Monday he kept saying preschool starts tomorrow! Woo Who! Caleb also started gymnastics this week. One of his babysitters is teaching it out of her garage and she is great! Shes only 12 but get this...shes been teaching for 4 years already! He loved it and after watching him already struggle to sit with the bottom of his feet touching and knees out I think its good that we do some early flexibility intervention!

I wouldn't want Davis to feel completely left out of this post so I wanted to show you how gallant my sweet 2 year old is. We were in the backyard playing while Caleb was in gymnastics and they have a cute puppy. Well at first Davis was a little afraid of the dog and I'm kicking myself for not being ready for the best picture in the world...when the dog first came up to Davis and he was a little nervous so he put his beloved ducky in front of him and then threw it to distract the dog while he promptly made his escape. That's right folks he LOVES his ducky and cant be parted with it for a minute but when its his own neck on the line he has no problem sacrificing his ducky!
*Yeah! Davis has been super duper grumpy and crying all the time and I stuck my finger in the back of his teeth and his 2 yr molars are finally coming through!

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Grandma Caroline said...

I laughed out loud so hard about Davis, I so wished you had captured that one!