Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend in Cali

We had such a good and relaxing time in CA. We were having a bit too much fun that we forgot to take a lot of pictures. On Thursday we went and saw Wall e which was not my favorite Pixar movie (should have know the critics liked it).
Friday we had a big pool party with some good Friends. The boys had a very good and competitive volleyball game. I think Caleb was in the pool from about 11:00 to 5:00 without a break. It was heaven for him! We then went to a great Angels game and watched the fireworks there.
Saturday was busy with the boys golfing, the girls shopping, more swimming, and then a nice trip to the Newport Beach Temple and dinner at Islands. The cousins had SO much fun playing together and all seemed to get along really well this trip.
To top the whole weekend off we got to be in Vegas on Sunday where John got to set Nic apart as an Elder. All in all a great weekend and now I'm here with a big messy house and a lot of work! So worth it though! Thanks fam for such a great trip!

(Oh yeah Im going to just gloss over the way the weekend started. Lets just say it took about 12 hours to get from St George to Brea and that includes a 2 hours parking lot on the freeway, a dead battery, a tow truck, meeting a very kind grandpa and grandma in Apple Valley at ~4:00 am and then hitting early morning traffic on the way home and not getting there until 6:00am. It must have been a good weekend for me to have almost forgotten about that!)The not so serious game!

Look at that determination!


Boons said...

How fun you all got together for the weekend! Hope you are recovering well from the sunburns!

C, D, & S Henderson said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait for our trip in Aug!

Sara said...

Is Kam naked in that picture?

Mark and/or Lisa said...

it was fun! cute pictures -- we forgot to take a single one! nice one of our little skinny-dipper.:) ~lis

SLO Rober said...

I love the picture of my baby girl flying in the air (even though I'm sorry that me and my boobs didn't get out of the picture.)

Grandma Caroline said...

It was a great weekend!! We loved every minute with all you kids. Its always fun to be a hero to someone, and I'm so glad dad and I could help out. It makes me feel needed and wanted.