Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We found out about this product a few months ago and bought it and love it and thought we would pass the good news along! For those of you who mourned with us over the loss of clean flicks this is a DVD player that edits movies. Its protected by congress because you are buying editing software not an edited movie. What you do is use a USB drive to download filters from your computer and then plug it into the DVD player and then it will upload the edits for the film you put in at the time. It just mutes out profanity and will cut out bad scenes. I especially like it because it will take out things like the Lords name in vain on kids movies too.

Anyway you do have to pay like $8 or $9 a month for a membership to get all the new edits but its so worth it to us. We were really starting to be bothered by PG-13 movies since the new PG-13 movies seem to be like the old R rated movies. The best part is you never know what your missing!

At Christmas time Target carried these players for $60 but I couldn't find them there so I just ordered it off clearplay.com and they are like $100 for the player the membership hookup, shipping, and first months membership. I know you can buy them off of amazon for a little bit cheaper but I think there is a $25 activation fee they will charge you when you activate your clearplay membership that they otherwise wave if you buy it off clearplay.com so it might not be worth it to buy it somewhere cheaper unless you get it for over $25 cheaper than the cost of the DVD player off clearplay.

Anyway, it is kind of pricey up front but seriously its so nice to sit down and watch a movie without wondering whats going to be coming! Check it out if your interested (and no I'm not a salesperson....I just love it so much!)


Annie said...

Yeah, we got Clearplay last December and we love it! Ours actually had problems so we're waiting for them to send us a different one.

Sara said...

Thanks for the clearplay review. I heard about it on KSL and have been so intrigued by it, wondering if it was a good purchase or not. When our dvd play dies on us (which will probably be soon since it's like the cheapest one from walmart) we'll have to invest in that instead.