Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th

I know I'm a day late but still after watching the fireworks last night at Angels Stadium I just felt like I wanted to express how much I love my country! I will never forget what it felt like to live outside of the country and coming back on the plane and being so excited to just touch down on soil. I really did want to kiss the ground when I got back because there is something that is special about this land and I'm so glad that it is my home.

Right now it seems like things are so divided and sometimes I get discouraged but I was thinking about it yesterday that I love my country like I love my Family. Sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I don't agree with the way things are done, and sometimes I even get really disappointed. In the end though I love it, I will stand up for it, defend it even with my life if it was necessary!

Thank you to our brave military past and present who do sacrifice it all for the life that we get to live!

God bless the USA!


Megan Bartlett said...

While you were at Angels stadium, we were at the Diamondback's stadium! We wanted to stay for fireworks, but after the game when they were going to do them, some wind kicked up and they said it would be a while. So we left!
When are you due?

John & Lisa Henderson Fam said...

Jan 18th. We use to take Caleb to the Dimondback games when we lived down there and he loved it there!

Grandma Caroline said...

My heart sings when I hear that my children love this beautiful Country known as the USA! We had a good time at the Angels game with you, John, Caleb, Brian, Briggs and Ashlynn, Thanks Grandpa for the wonderful tickets!

Annie said...

I agree, I hate seeing things so divided in our country but I'll never not be proud to be an American. By the way, Jordan and I love the "Pooh on U" onesie.

Sara said...

Good post! I agree!