Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

Today is a special day here in Utah, so special in fact that John gets the day off (yes, we laughed a little when we got our offer from Sunroc that Pioneer Day was a holiday off, its a big deal here though and so fun!)..... We had a really great day and it just reminds us of how much we love living in a small town!

This morning started out with the Pioneer Parade. Each primary in Hurricane makes a float and the Mayor rides on an ATV throwing candy. There are also some horses, the missionaries of course, and some retired military in the parade. It was great. You can show up a minute before it starts, get a great seat, and its over in 15 minutes! My kind of a parade! It was so cute to see Caleb up there waving and having such a good time.

After the Parade there are all sorts of little food booths and then they do races. They divide them between boys and girls and start with baby crawlers, one year olds, two... up to 20 and older. Davis and Caleb both had fun racing. Its more like a big dash for your parent but they loved it! I thought Davis would freak out but he started hopping and then got into the groove of running with everyone else. Caleb was so serious before he started. I couldn't even hardly get him to take a picture because he was lined up and ready to go! John was going to race in the 20 or older but it was getting hot and we had a lot to do at home so we took off.Watching the races

We worked hard all day and I'm so excited to unveil my project that I did but I will wait for tomorrow because it deserves its own post! We also went to a pool party/BBQ and John got to watch the MLS All star game in home theater so he was in heaven! All in all I have to say thanks to those Pioneers because of them we had a great day!

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Grandma Caroline said...

I haven't had time to blog lately, but I put up something besides genealogy. I remember a Pioneer day in Panquich, UT when you kids were small and we were just traveling through Utah. I'm glad you live there so you can have that close feeling with your friends and neighbors.