Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To my future Daughter-in-laws

Just so you know I am working really hard to teach my boys to actually look when looking for something. I don't know if its a male thing, or a Henderson thing but they certainly did not get it from their mother! We often go over how searching doesn't mean stand in one place, scan, give up, and nag the woman in the house.

We also review on a regular basis that when looking for things you must move objects like blankets on the floor, or the backpack on the couch. They seem to struggle with the concept of object permanence.They seem to believe that if an object is not in sight it has ceased to exist.

We have talked over and over about the fact that fairy's and gremlins are pretend. But they insist that the shoe, sock, Lego, and backpack gremlins come in and move their things while they are not looking.

Please know that we are practicing at a very young age  - A LOT. I hope that I have some success but honestly, its not looking so good....


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Lori H-G said...

Haha! This is hilarious and happens in my house all the time. So it's not a Henderson thing.