Monday, January 21, 2013

3 day weekend

We had a great 3 day weekend. One I think will have to be a tradition more often. I finally allowed Caleb to watch Episode 1, 2, and 3 of Star Wars. It was so fun to go through all 6 right in row. I love Caleb's passion and the way he feels things so deeply. I was even impressed that Davis sat through most of them too. He loved to use his Lego Star Wars book and find the scenes in the movie in his Lego Star Wars Dictionary.

They were so excited to finish them that I told them if they had their room and their playroom clean this morning that they could watch them. At 7:00 I heard whispering and saw they were using a flashlight to clean up because Becks was still sleeping. Most of all I loved that they wanted me there watching with them and I had to read the beginning of each movie to them. Star Wars really does help bring up some great moral conversations.

After we were finished we headed over to the Dixie Springs Park to play and I let Caleb take his BB gun. There were some bottles there and the boys had so much fun shooting them!

And Davis took this lovely self portrait right up his nose :-)

Makes me miss summer and also reminds me how lucky I am to have such sensitive and loving boys who want to spend time with me. Cuddling and just relaxing with them mans the world to me!


Mae said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that a 6 year old has a clean nose! And actually, I think that's a gorgeous picture. It shows his beautiful eyes in a really unique way.

Mae said...

(Ok, maybe most 6 year olds have clean noses...can you tell I spend my time dealing with 3 year old Sunbeams???)