Friday, January 25, 2013



I can not believe how fun Legoland is for us right now! The boys ages are so perfect for it! John gets to go visit with Grandpa and Grandma for a few hours in the morning while we are at the park, which has been a blessing for John and Grandpa. Since the boys are getting older it doesn't overwhelm me to be at the park alone with them either :-)

The park was empty today! It was raining but that meant NO lines. Literally! Most rides we just rode over and over again without getting off!

I forced Davis and Becks each individually to go on the Coastersaurus with me. Seriously it was so embarrassing!  They were screaming so loud and were terrified. I'm sure people thought I was the meanest Mom ever for making them go! By the end end of the ride though they were beaming and laughing! Worth the embarrassment because now everyone can go together! I think we rode that coaster 30 times least!

The Star Wars Miniland was so much more fun for them now that they have seen the movies. And the best news - Beckham is finally 4 and could do the Joust ride! He has been waiting forever to be old enough! He loved it!

We were drenched about midday but thankfully it was warm enough that we were not freezing!

Dad brought us some money to do the family driers which helped too.

Rockin' out with the Rock band!

This was not even a ride but it was probably their favorite part of the day. They spent about an hour here! They built all sorts of cars and were trying to get them to jump onto the opposite ramp on the other side. They were pretty creative!

We spent a good part of our day in the ball shooting area too. Everyone always had a gun and Mom got annihilated! Davis has some wicked aim and got quite a bit of pleasure our of nailing me over and over again!

Despite the rain it was the perfect day!

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sounds like fun memories!