Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beckham turns 4!

How could this have happened! Our baby is 4 years old! He has grown up so much in the last few months before our eyes!

He was so excited to open presents and all he said he wanted for his birthday was a big Thomas the train set. Thanks to his wonderful grandparents he got some very fun new additions to his set!

He had his favorite food for dinner. Artichokes and spaghetti. All that seems to change for birthday dinners around here is what color sauce goes on the noodles.

He wanted an ice cream cake. I made one out of Ice cream sandwiches and for the frosting we used cool whip and pudding mixed together. It was super yummy - very hard to make look pretty but worth it!

We set his new pieces up and the boys have had a blast with the new bridges. Our Thomas set has become so much fun!

Sweet are charming, fun, lively, crazy, and so so smart! You are also SO headstrong and stubborn and drive me up the wall! You want so badly to be independent and make all your own choices. You remind me of Caleb in so many ways. It will be one of your greatest strengths when you learn to channel your passion and Independence, until then you will drive me crazy! You challenge me and make me grow in so many ways. You are my refining fire :-) I love you so much and life would never be the same without you!

Happy Birthday!

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Lori H-G said...

Wow 4 really? I can't believe it! Looks like fun Happy Birthday!