Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time alone

I am loving the few days a week I have just to myself. I feel so much more put together and ready when the boys come home from school. For the last few years Ive just felt within a step of cRaZy! I know I do it to myself and overbook myself, but that's just something I'm going to always have to fight and work on.

After school today I had our Halloween playlist going and we were all at the table doing homework. There was just this beautiful moment where it was quiet as we all worked. Davis was doing a hundred hearts assignment. Caleb was working on math, and Beckham was practicing his name. I just looked around and loved the concentration and the learning going on at our table. We have such smart boys!

I also love how fun its getting. Last night we grabbed the key to the church, a soccer ball, and 4 cones and just went and played indoor soccer as a family. It was fun! We can all play and no one is left out or left behind. Its so great!

I always felt guilt that the baby bearing years were not the highlight of my life. I always expected them to be. Perhaps if my pregnancies had been different...But I also see people who don't enjoy the teenage years and I think I will love them. They are much more suited to my personality.

I feel contentment setting in with our stage of life. I know uncertainly and frustration will cycle back around, but for now I'm loving it!

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Rachelle said...

I wil send my preteen over to you. 11-15 has been the hardest for me to parent my boys. I'm in love with 16. I like him again.