Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas lists

I am having the boys write out their Christmas wish list during fall break this year. I figured it would keep them busy for a while and it has! I remember as a kid flipping through catalogs. I'm pretty sure it was the Toys R Us catalog and having so much seeing all the new toys available.

I put the boys on the Internet on the Toys R Us site, but really its not the same. In fact I think its pretty lame. There is something about holding a catalog in your hand and looking through it. Bummer for them.

There are so many things the technological advances have given us, but there is also so much they have stolen from childhood. Kids do not have the imagination they use to have and they don't use their minds like we did. Makes me sad for the boys.

I usually know what the boys will like and just buy for them without really asking for a list but I decided to get an official list this year because John says he thinks it really important that they get at least 1 thing they really want.I love that John is providing such a great childhood for our boys. Not spoiling them by any means, but caring that they get something special they really want.

Here is what they asked for this year.


 Wont have any problem finding one thing on that list to buy him :-)


Its so funny to see the difference in their personalities. Caleb put everything on the list that he even might want. Davis put super expensive weird things on his list. Like a train table...we just converted ours because they never used it! His response, "well, it would be nice to have two." Good heavens - maybe they are spoiled! At least we can afford the Lego City Space Shuttle!

They also keep going around saying, "I'm getting____for Christmas!" I keep reminding them, this is just a list of things you might WANT! Just because they are on the list, doesn't mean you are going to get them!

I still don't think they believe me, but I better get it to sink in or they are not going to have a very happy Christmas!

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