Thursday, October 25, 2012

Like a freshly shaprened pencil...

The other morning I had a bad Mothering morning. Like - reallllly bad! When all three of the boys had left I sat and cried for a little bit. I was disappointed in my kids for sure, but I was more disappointed in myself. It can be so discouraging as a Mom. No one can be 100%, one hundred percent of the time. Yet, sometimes we expect that of ourselves. 

I spent a lot of time thinking that day and mucking through some of the physical piles that had built up in our house, and mucking through some of the piles in my mind. I came to some good conclusions, and decided it was time to forgive myself my shortcomings and press on. But I did want to show my kids that I was sorry too. 

I got into our pencil drawer and found some Halloween pencils we had. I sharpened them all up and set them on the table with some new Halloween erasers Grandma & Grandpa Henderson had sent.


 When my boys came home I was ready to tackle homework and life again with a nice fresh start. 


In many ways I felt like those pencils. Dull for a time, but then I took the time to sharpen myself up, refocus, and start over. I know my edges will wear down again and I will have to resharpen again at some point, but for now its enough. 


 I don't think we have to do big things to show our kids we care and love them. Sharpening pencils took me all of 5 minutes, but the excitement of sitting down at the table together after school with the boys made up for our really bad morning.

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Abbie said...

Seriously, I LOVE the analogy of the dull pencils and sharpening them again. I NEED that printed somewhere BIG...maybe some new subway art..(hint, hint):)