Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Wow what a crazy day! They boys all wanted to be Ninjagos this year. We had Kai, Jay, and Zane. Mr Bishop used our Mummy in the cafeteria!

The boys could not wear their costumes to school right away so they wore their Digital Dudz dudz to start the day off.

Beckham got all dressed up to participate in Davis parade and party!

Davis was such a proud and nice brother.

Then we got to run the party for Davis' class!

We had about an hour off and then we were back for round two - Caleb's parade!

Wow! I was exhausted by the time we got home! We only had a hour to rest up before we got fully decked out to go to a birthday party for some friends and then Trick or Treating!

They were awesome! We have the nicest neighbors that had special treats just for our boys! We are so blessed!

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Abbie said...

They look awesome!
p.s. Braydon got SO MANY compliments on his digital dudz shirt! It was great because he could wear it to school and be "dressed up" without being all "decked out". Perfect for a 13year old boy!