Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinewood Derby!

We had fun with the pinewood derby this year. Caleb took a solid third place....ummmm in every singe race. There were 4 to a race so he never came in last! Poor guy was pretty disappointed but he got over it!

John had made a sa-weet outlaw car but threw up 8 minutes before it started. So Davis had to use an old car. It was also not a really swift car but there was one race where I put it on backwards and it beat the other 2 cars out. He was convinced he came in 1st place overall :)

We had a lot of fun!

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Mary Kathryn said...

So fun! I love the couple that does the races. They were in our first ward when we moved to St. George. I almost took the family up there just to say hi. :)