Monday, February 13, 2012

All wrapped up!

Its snowing but I am all cozy in my new warm quilt. The first quilt Ive made and actually had quilted.

My friend Leslie helped me start a quilt top from my Moms t-shirts. I finally finished putting it together and with my friend Andee's advice and encouragement I got the backing done too. Andee's Mom is a great quilter and she fixed a few places where it needed it, added the batting, and took my quilt to her quilter to have done and it looks amazing! She also fixed the back because I didn't have quite enough on it and then trimmed it all up for me. Seriously the support and kindness people have showed to help me get this done is so touching.

Each of the quilt blocks are done differently.

Around each of the blocks is a darling leaf pattern.

This is what the back looks like.

Andee's Mom is going to bind it for me too because she is the BEST!

Now I can get a hug from my Mom anytime I want. It means so much to me!


Mary Kathryn said...

Oh I love it!!! I meant to call you today-- I have something for you. So sorry what happened to you this weekend... wish I cold have helped.

Wheeler Bunch said...

I absolutely love it!! It turned out so cute. I love the quilting patterns on the blocks. I need to find some time to finish my quilt i started almost a year ago:)

SLO Rober said...

The quilt looks great! congrats on your first quilt.

Abbie said...

It looks amazing! I love it!