Saturday, February 11, 2012

I thought I had a heart attack

Not a fun sweet one for Valentines day but an actual heart attack.

There has been a tummy bug going around and on Thursday John and Beckham got it. Friday morning I woke up sick and knew I had it too. I hate throwing up. I do just about anything to not throw up. By 11:00ish it was inevitable and it finally happened. About 10 minutes after throwing up my stomach and chest started hurting and it kept getting worse and worse - until finally I couldn't breath. I called John in a panic. He said he was going to call our neighbor meanwhile I was pacing and trying to get some relief. It felt as if my heart and chest had gone into labor. It was squeezing so tight.

I was waiting for Lars to come over when it started to ease up. By the time he got here I felt sore but I could breath normally. I sent him home with an apology and called John to tell him how stupid I felt. As I was talking to John I could feel the squeezing start again. I yelled, "its coming again." He called Lars back and by the time he got here I was pacing, screaming, crying, grunting, gasping....Seriously so embarrassing! It passed and then another one started. By this time I was scared! I was clammy, sweating, and pale. John was on his way home but I told Lars to call 911. I had been debating. We don't have the money to pay for an ambulance but at the same time - we couldn't take the chance.

I cant remember much about that time other than just trying to survive. I'm glad we are tight with the Gardner's because I'm pretty sure I looked and acted like a crazy woman, but I have never felt pain like that in my life. Labor, kidney stones, gall bladder attack - none of it compared to this unknown heart pain! Davis came in and asked, "is my Mommy dying." It was terrifying. Andee had just arrived and Lars took both of my boys back to their house so they wouldn't have to be here when the paramedics came. We are so blessed with great neighbors!

John got here at the same time as the paramedics and that took a lot of the fear away. Seriously just seeing John brought so much relief! They immediately got me on oxygen and at first I was irritated by it but it started to help me calm down. They established immediately that it was not my heart. Which was a huge relief. But because of the severity of my pain they wanted to transport me.

At this point the pain started eased up some. I think it had to do with the oxygen and just knowing that I had help. I know before I had been panicing, but seriously if you cant breath - its hard not to panic! It still felt like there was an incredible amount of pressure in my chest and the top of my stomach but I could breathe. They had a heck of a time getting an IV in but they finally succeeded. They gave me 4 aspirin and at the hospital they gave me nitro glycerin just to be safe. They also ran blood work and did a chest x-ray.

Its not my heart - thanks goodness! I have no risk factors, its would have showed up in my blood work, and  chest x-ray. They finally came to the conclusion that my esophagus was having spasms from the throwing up. All I know is I NEVER want that to happen again.

They gave me Ativan and then told us we could go home. Not that we had thought to grab clothes (they put me in a gown before we left) or shoes. Thankfully the hospital gave me an old shirt and some socks. Pam came and picked us up since John had gone in the ambulance with me. We stopped and got me a sprite and also went and dropped our prescription off.

When we got home I was still pretty uncomfortable. John went and got the anti-nausea medication and I took that and was able to finally fall asleep. When I woke up the tightening was back, although not a severe. They hadn't given us anything else to take if the pain came back and when John called they told us we would have to go back in to get anything. I had John call and get me a Lunesta Pill. I knew if I could sleep well that everything would probably settle down on its own. I was scared to be alone though just in case I couldn't breathe again and thankfully Tasha came to sit with me.

The Lunesta worked well and I slept great last night and today I am okay, just sore. Holy cow am I sore! My whole body is just wiped out!

One funny note I had been pulling off the little monitoring stickers all over my body they use to test blood flow and my heart. I thought I had got them all, seriously I had pulled off like 12. I went to take a bath and when I took my shirt off I had 6 more that I didn't know about. Now I have goo that doesn't come off very easy all over me!

But I'm alive and my heart is healthy!


Pam from Over the Big Moon said...

So glad all is well... and that you are feeling better!! Love ya!

Raelyn said...

So glad you are ok. What a story! Scary for sure. Happy to hear it was not your heart!

Megan said...

I am glad things are good now. Let me know if there is anything I can do, while you take it easy!

Abbie said...

I'm so glad you are ok. You just never know with those sorts of things. We found out from a similar experience not too long ago, that if your right arm is numb, you're pretty much ok, but if it's your left arm, you better get to the hospital ASAP!