Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a day!

4 jars diced tomatoes &
63 pints of applesauce

The most yummy applesauce in the world!

3 batches dehydrated with 3 more to go.

I was talking to Grandma Henderson last night while cleaning my kitchen and she said its like I have my own little house on the prairie. That's my goal!

68 jars and I went to bed with a spotless kitchen...life doesn't get much better. Okay, the charlie horses in my legs were pretty bad from standing 12 straight hours but a little serenity oil and they were feeling like new in 10 minutes.

I slept goooood last night!

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The Ramsay's said...

my goal is to be able to do all that you do!! I started, tonight I did 20lbs of peaches :) Thanks for showing me how!