Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trouble chapter 4 - Crushin'

Mom: What did you do at recess today?

Caleb: Went down some slides and then I chased girls.

Mom: Really! Who were you chasing?

Caleb: Well you can bet I was chasing ________!!!!

Mom: Ooooh, do you have a crush on her?

Caleb: I just like her Mom, not love her!

Mom: What do you do if you catch them?

Caleb: Put them in jail.

Mom: Did you catch ________?

Caleb: Well I almost did one time....


Robbie + Carly said...

I love it! That is seriously so cute! Can't wait/dreading those moments!

Abbie said...

HAHA! So funny. The girls are going to be all over him when he gets older. Sorry, just sayin'. :)

Megan said...

love it!!!