Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Growing up in Brea there was a park just off of Imperial, I think it was Arovista Park. It had a drainage ditch running right next to it and I remember there being crawdads in the ditch. The ditch was nasty and I remember thinking the crawdads were so gross. Ive always thought of crawdads as sewer dwellers because of that ditch.

I was totally grossed out when John informed me there were crawdads in the shallow waters of Kolab reservoir where we were camping this weekend. So grossed out in fact that we only swam off the boat or the boat launch cement because I didn't want to chance running into one of them.

John starting talking to some of the fishermen and a lot of them were fishing for the crawdads to eat! Our neighbors in camp filled an entire cooler full of them to take home to cook up. Everyone was telling us they tasted like lobsters. but secretly I was gagging at the thought and thinking these poor Utahans needed to experience real shellfish.

John decided since the trout weren't biting he would catch some crawdads for us to try instead. The thought made me a little sick but I figured even if they were gross Caleb and Davis would have fun at least hunting for them. In the cooler the next morning were 4 nice big crawdads.

I cooked them up when we got home and we ate 'em and now I eat my snobby words...

They are yummy!


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

I'm not buying that! I still think they are probaly gross! :)

Rachelle said...

I think that is disgusting!

The Henderson Family said...

We used to catch and eat them when we were growing up all the time!