Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 weeks old!

Here is what we have learned in the past 3 weeks about you...
  • You have huge hands and grew out of your mittens before you have grown out of any clothes
  • You were never small enough to wear the preemie clothes that we have but fit your newborn clothes perfectly
  • You have a small oval birthmark under your left ear
  • You have a sixth sense for when Mommy is about to drift off to sleep and love to fill your diaper right about then
  • You established a first with Dr Marsden when you emptied your bowels right in the middle of your circumcision. Other than that you are very good at not going potty during diaper changes...thank you :)
  • You have expensive taste in diapers and anything else gives you a rash
  • Your umbilical cord went really deep into your belly button and it took 2 1/2 weeks for it to fall off
  • You LOVE to take baths and you just go still and quiet in the water. Last night you sat in the bath with Daddy for over a half hour
  • You eat very sloooow
  • You don't demand a lot but when you do want something you want it 5 minutes ago and don't have any patience for things like heating up your bottle
  • You love your pacifier and your swing
  • You love to be swaddled, especially in your swaddler that gets you really tight, you are not content with just blanket swaddling
  • You sleep a lot even for a newborn
  • You are perfect in every way
  • Our family would be incomplete without you
  • You are already growing up way to fast
Still no PKU results but he looks like he is past the bronchiolitis part of RSV and is no longer retracting...hopefully no asthma in your future (my fingers are crossed)!


Megan Bartlett said...

I freaking LOVE your photos! I canNOT believe Davis is so big and Beckham is gorgous! Definitely looks like a Henderson! He had RSV ALREADY??? Oh my gosh! I'm very glad to hear he' smostly over it...Your boys are adorable! I hope you're holding up alright!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Nathan had the same issue with his umbilical cord. It took 2 1/2 weeks for it to fall off. At his two week appt the Dr had to finally put some of that stuff on it to get it to dry up!

He did not empty himself during his circumcision. Too funny! You never told me!

I am so glad he is getting better and breathing better! Like I just said on Mandy's blog.. hopefully next week all the sickness will be gone in our neighborhood, so we can start playing again!

V and Co. said...

hey lisa, i just want to thank you for all your nice comments on my blog! i hardly get to check other peoples blogs anymore but i wanted to come over here and congratulate you on your adorable addition to the family and hope your little gets better from rsv. ryan had that, it's no fun!

Campbell Family said...

I was bummed to find out that Beckham got sick! I'm glad that he his on the road to recovery and that his breathing is getting better. You don't need to have any more trips to the pediatrician..the pictures are adorable. I'm amazed at your talent to capture the perfect shot. luv u guys

Sara said...

What a sweetie.

SLO Rober said...

What a sweet picture! He looks like he has Davis's mouth.

Wheeler Bunch said...

Hey, by the way Lisa the photographer...I saw your pics of mandy's baby on her blog, and they look SOOO good. You really have some talent there! Nicely done!