Thursday, February 26, 2009


Davis has Hyperphe too!

So he will also be seeing the specialist on April 15th!

(It probably just means they will want to monitor him. Obviously there is not enough of the phe in his blood to cause brain damage, although John and I laughed a little and said maybe this will explain what happened when he hit the terrible twos! So it probably means nothing more than we are the luckiest people in the world that of all genetic disorders we carry the one you would want, and we got a mild form that wont really ever effect their life. At least they will have something interesting to contribute to their biology classes when they talk about genetics!)


Sara said...

So will you have to do anything different for him? Glad you've got that appointment!

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm sorry you have something else to worry about.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Sorry about the news but dang, nice work Sherlock!

SoCal Rogers said...

Wow... that is crazy that he has it too. I wonder what they will tell you at the appointment.