Friday, April 4, 2008

We went to the park today just to get out of the house and it was amazing as I sat back to see how different my children are. There was a special ed class on a field trip with their 6th grade buddies so it was pretty busy. As we pulled up Caleb yelled "Friends!" He jumped out of the car and ran up to who ever was closest. I tried to explain to him that it was a school class and that they couldn't really play with him but that didn't stop him from trying! The special ed kids didn't get Caleb trying to play with them and the poor 6th grade buddies were trying to ignore Caleb so they could interact with their buddies. It never phased Caleb. He just kept trying and playing and it never occurred to him that no one was playing with him back.

Davis on the other hand found the stairs and climbed them. I had to hold his hand the first time he went across the bridge to the little slide and then down the little slide. Davis' routine did not deviate at all! He went down the slide, back up the stairs, across the bride, down the slide.... He didn't see anyone else, did not talk to anyone else, did not want me to show him other slides. It was as if the other people did not exist. He would say "Whee" across the bridge and down the slide just to himself. He was completely in a world of his own and not interested in anyone or anything else. He didn't even look over to see if I was watching or encouraging.

Davis did actually go into s swing today. In the past he has hated them and acts like a cat that has been thrown in the air. His arms fly out stiff with all his fingers spread out trying to grab onto anything he can. He looks pretty cozy today though doesn't he!

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Sara said...

I felt like I was reading about my own kids here. Mason acts just like Caleb and Katie is just like Davis. I think they need to hang out again!

Grandma Caroline said...

Every mom I have ever know, including myself, goes through the awakening wonder of just how different their children are! Same parents, same genetics, same atmosphere, same parenting skills. But they ARE different and that is when you begin to realize that you are just beginning to learn how to parent! As they grow, your parenting skill will have to grow to. Enjoy the ride, I almoste missed it! Thanks to your dad who helped me see the error of my ways. You are blessed to know and understand so much more than I did at your age.