Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Feelings

I just felt that I needed to take a moment and just write a few of my thoughts about Conference this weekend because my heart is bursting right now. It was such a testimony builder to see President Monson take his place as Prophet of this church. I loved Elder Hollands remarks about the change in President Monson and just wanted to shout Amen while he was speaking! I know that President Monson is the new Prophet and he directly answered some of the things that I have been struggling/pondering over for the last month or so. His talk was so wonderful and then to hear him talk about his sweet wife at the end was so endearing.

That last afternoon session was so uplifting for me and like President Monson said there were just so many wonderful thoughts and ideas presented. Both of our children were sleeping (Yes, Caleb who does not nap fell asleep)! I really needed this session just to uplift my heart and give me the strength that I have needed to keep moving forward, progressing with a good attitude.

I love this church. I love the brethren that lead it. There is nothing that makes me happier than to hear the words that the Lord and our Father in Heaven have for me to hear. I feel so uplifted and grateful for the blessing of being able to listen and watch without distraction and really just absorb everything I heard. I cant wait for the talks to be available next Thursday so that I can review and really internalise the things that I heard today. It was such a wonderful day and I feel so blessed!


Sara said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I feel the same way.

Oh, and there is slight chance, very slight, that my brother may be getting married in St. George (all depends if the mother of the bride gets her way) in August. If so, we'd love to see you guys!

Grandma Caroline said...

There is nothing sweeter than for a mother to hear the heartfelt testimony of her daughter. You make me proud and I felt exactly the same way. Thanks for speaking for both of us!