Saturday, April 5, 2008

Calebs Big Boy Bike

We got Caleb a big boy bike today. He was so excited and was even more excited about his Diego helmet. For those of you who know Caleb that's huge because he hates anything new and different that you wear. He picket out his bike all by himself and when we went out to ride it for the first time it was pretty hard for him. His first bike was one form Costco that has a handle bar that I could push when he got tired and its kind of make him lazy. He started to push but then would relax and push back hitting the breaks. He was getting so frustrated. Finally he leaned over and said, "I think this bike is out of gas!"

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Grandma Caroline said...

Wow, a big boy bike! I am getting old! I'm glad he's out riding a bike now. Does Davis have a trike to ride?


No thats actually a good thought for his birthday!

Henderson Family said...

As a sidenote for my sons pride. We pumped up the tires and hes riding like a pro. I guess the wheels were a little flat. Poor guy!