Friday, April 25, 2008

One silly boy

Caleb has just been cracking me up all day so I wanted to post a few of his funnies
  • We were all dancing to the Inside out version of Once there was a Snowman. They do the song to all sorts of little genres like rap, cowboy, Hispanic, batman, ect. We being goofy with each of the different clips and then one came on that's suppose to sound like monks chanting. So we started to move slow and Caleb yells, "its the grandpa and grandma song!"
  • He was asking me where Heavenly Father lives and I was telling him in Heaven far far away in the sky. He asked if we could go find him. I said, No hes to far away the only way to find Heavenly Father is when we pray to him. To which Caleb responded, "I think I will just use my Micky Mouse sunglasses to see him."
  • Since we were on the topic of space he started to pretend that a rocket was coming with aliens to our house. He said he had to go hide. He came back out a few minutes later and I asked if they were gone. He said, No they found me and gestured to his right. I said oh, is that the alien? Caleb's response, "Yeah, this is Mark, hes alright." (For the record Uncle Mark is the only Mark Caleb knows). A few minutes later I asked if he and Mark wanted some lunch and Caleb informed me that Mark went home and now two aliens named Ashlynn and Briggs were playing with him.
Lastly here is just a glimpse at Caleb's new favorite thing to do. He seemed to be all done with his toy cars stage but we found a hot wheels movie at the video store for 50 cents and he loves it. He loves to arrange his cars and then have me take a picture of them. Here are few of his designs...Today I would define Motherhood as the ability to make believe and be silly even when there are tons of chores to be done!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

So I'm an alien who never blogs...I see how it is.

Those stories were hilarious and so is the fact that he loves to line up his cars and have you take pictures. Lil bit of Grandma Caroline shinin through there. I bet he really likes that blue car with the white stripes because I notice it always has the prime location for any given formation.

Grandma Caroline said...

I see an engineer emerging here- A perfectionist engineer at that! And I resent that everyone thinks I'm neurotic! If I am, then you should all be neurotic!

Grandma Caroline said...
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Mae said...

Mark, I can't believe you noticed that specific car! Amazing!

Lisa, love the post. I'm pretty impressed with Caleb's arranging and design skills. I used to take pictures of my toys too but they never looked that good! (Gotta love digital!)

SLO Rober said...

I love when kids play make-believe.

Sara said...

You have one funny kid!