Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Young Love

I cant believe its started but Caleb actually is using the word "girlfriend." We went to McDonald's to play on the play place today and we had to run to the car and he said "I cant go I'm protecting my girlfriend." (A bigger kid was chasing him and a little girl around). I finally got him convinced that we were coming back and as we were walking out to the car the big kid started to chase the girl and Caleb SHRIEKED "Oh no...my girlfriend, Mom Ive got to help my girlfriend!!!!" When we got back in and she finally left Caleb found another girl to play with and would say "follow me girlfriend, come here girlfriend, girlfriend where are you?" The best was when Caleb said "come here girlfriend" and she responded "you move to fast for me!" It was super cute too because she ran over to her Mom really fast and went, "Mom, he loves me!"

Boy are we in trouble!

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