Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lightning Strikes During Softball Game in St. George Utah

John was playing on a baseball team but since he pulled his hamstring he has missed the last couple of games. This clip is of the team he was playing on and the person going up to bat is our good friend Tyler, our friends that we met in Prescott and also live here in St George. Weird!


Mark said...

Wow! That is crazy! It looks like it's right there. Nice job by the way on figuring out how to embed videos on you blog. How's Kaleb's girlfriend?

The Queen said...



Judy, Glad to know that you have been here to check our blog out because Ive been to your page. I loved the pictures you took of Kamden when he was born. They were awesome. One of these times that we come to Cali we may have to see if we can hire you for some Family pictures.