Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here's a view of the neighborhood

We went out to the lot today to draw out our house, look at some lots that had spare dirt, and to dig up our property lines. When we first started looking into building in Dixie Springs there we 9 houses started. Now there are over 20. If you click on the top picture it will blow up so you can see it better. This is just the first two phases, they still have C, D, E, & F to go. The second picture is kind of a top view of our lot. We are the second lot to the right after the street that cuts into the street at the half circle (hope that makes sense).
The kids come home tomorrow and we are ready. We got a lot done...still have a lot left to do...but we are way ahead of where we were! We miss our little guys!


Evenson Fam said...

ya i hope it works out! it is in washington fields. we wanted that one first but then someone put an offer on it so we couldnt get it. then they dropped out on friday so we will see what happens today!

Mark said...

Cool. that picture will be really cool in 10 years when all that is developed if you take it from the same spot.

Grandma Caroline said...

It's really exciting to watch Girly and Johns house go from the ground up! You kids are the first ones to ever do this in our family, except for the Lake.