Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Building Permit in!!!

Yeah! We passed our architectural committee yesterday, turned our building permit in today, and will turn in our application for our construction loan tomorrow. All of that means that we will probably break ground in about 2 weeks!!!! I cant believe it and am so excited. I spent about 6 hours running errands today and going all over town looking at granite, tile, marble and all sorts of stuff. I cant believe how fast and how much I can get done without kids. I probably got a normal weeks worth done just today. Not to mention how nice it was to go to the post office without dreading it because it is the hardest place in the world to entertain kids!
Love my boys more that words but man it feels good to be efficient for once!


Mark said...

Thats awesome on the house. Our friend is coming to watch Kam for us tonight so we're going to get a little taste of freedom ourselves and go see the Bourne Ultimatum (I won the movie pick coin toss obviously)

SLO Rober said...

I know what you mean about the post office. I just went there today beacause we were all out of stamps and needed pretty one (Ashlynn's idea). Of course as soon as we get in the line, Ashlynn starts running around and poking her brothers, making them fuss, and just generally causing trouble. If I have to mail packages, I do it at the UPS store because they have all of the packaging I need and they have toys and bathrooms for the kids, plus I can walk there to let the kids blow off steam.
I'm so glad you are keeping us up to date on the house.

Brian said...

I am excited for your house. The pyshco California central coast building departments would have taken 8 months to do what you did in 2 weeks. That is not a joke. Letting the building begin!