Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Value of a Moment

Its funny how sometimes a taste or smell brings back the hint of a memory, and other times the memory comes back so strongly you almost feel you are back in that moment. I had two such sweet moments this week.

The first was so strong that for a moment I felt I was 10 years old again standing in my Grandma Irene's kitchen. We didn't eat peaches much in CA but each summer when we would go to see my Grandma in Seattle she would have peaches. She also always had Special K cereal and that was my favorite breakfast combo at her house (well, except for her local Albertson's Maple Bars). The peaches were always so sweet! This last week as I was eating the very last peach off our tree in some granola I was transported back and could even smell my Grandmas house again.

The second memory I got to relive for just a moment was as I was driving past Target and Lowe's. When John and I first moved here to St George my parents came up to help us move in and unpack the truck. Almost every move we have made, my Mom has come to help. She was the queen of organization and she would always come help me get things in order. This of course always meant a few trips to Target, Home Depot, or Lowe's. I remember we were heading out for something she knew I "needed" for the little apartment we were in until our house sold. We were trying to find Michael's and as we were driving down St George Blvd I saw it far in the distance as we were coming over the freeway.

I don't really know what about this memory that strikes me so strongly other than I was new here and I was trying to get my bearings. Everything was unfamiliar and in my mind the way that I saw it then, is not the same way I see it now that I am familiar with this area. Perhaps that is why it was so strong. Whatever the reason it was a little tender mercy and I couldn't help but smile. For just a moment I felt the familiar feel of my Moms love and security.

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