Friday, June 22, 2012

Small town feel

After our weekend in CA I was ready to head back here to our little small town. After living in a small town for 5 years I have realized this is more who I am.

I love our wide open roads, big lanes, half empty parking lots. I may complain that our Walmart cashiers are slow, but I love that they take the time to talk to you. I love that when I walk down the aisles of a store, or just in the neighborhood, everyone makes eye contact and says hi. I love that people I meet at a store or a local business quickly become a good friend.

Big cities seems to have lost the civility that a small town has more naturally. People here are not  suspicious. They are trusting and open. Everywhere I go I see people willing to help others and being kind and polite to strangers. Just the other day I was at the splash pad with one friend when two other friends showed up that didn't know each other. Within minutes we were all having a great time together, even though none of them had known each other before. That really is am amazing thing to have people be so open.

Our entire city is working together to have an emergency plan and to be prepared in the case of a disaster. Then entire city is arranged into block captains and they have warning systems in place, as well as a master list of skills of the people in our community. How great is that!

I feel so blessed to live in such a close community, and the longer I'm here the more it feels like home.

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Lori said...

We love it to :) I only miss Disneyland.