Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 years old!

Our boy turned 6! Here are a few things about Davis right now.
  • Hes amazing at math. He wants problems all the time and without ever being taught he can add 3 numbers in a row and he even uses logic to do it. Like 9+9 he figures out by adding 10+10 and then taking 2 away.
  • Hes growing a lot! He cant stop eating right now!
  • He loves fruit, root beer, meat, and salad.
  • He is so sweet and looks out for everyone else! When we were driving down we were pulling over to switch drivers. When they asked what we were doing I told them I had had enough and Dad was dropping me by the side of the road. Davis said in all seriousness, "I know what we need to do! Love you"
  • He is really excited for Kindergarten.
  • He makes friends really easily and loves to be around people.
  • He is obsessed with Bey Blades!
  • He likes to write his letters but writes most of them backwards.
  • He is a good sleeper and goes to bed when told.
  • He is really sensitive and thinks very deeply on things. I get questions all the time that are "why did God give us eyes?" "Why did trees get created."
  • He is not shy and will talk to anyone and everyone. He is very blunt too! 

I can not imagine what our family would be like if we didn't have Davis in our home. He brings a balance to our family that gives me sanity! He has so much potential and I know that he is going to do great things!

Happy Birthday Davis!

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