Monday, June 25, 2012

North Rim Grand Canyon

We had a great trip this weekend to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I like the North Rim more than the South rim because its cooler, there are trees, and best of all its way closer! The drive down was fun, especially because we found shakes and ice cream!

When we got there I could not believe how close our site was to the canyon! We had a perfect view through the trees of the canyon. It was breathtaking.

Our camper is officially easy enough for an 8 year old to set up by himself!

It's been such a great blessing to have this camper! We love the canopy and its amazingly sturdy!

Our site was also the start of the trails so it was really easy for us to go hiking!

There was a complete burn ban on so I learned that you can cook foil dinners on cast iron. They
actually turned out perfect - this may become our preferred way of cooking in the future!

The next morning we ate a nice breakfast and then headed over to the visitors center.

Poor John. This was not easy on him. They really dont have a lot of protection between you and the cliffs and it totally freaked him out, especially since it was windy.

After hiking we went back to the tent and hung out, played games, read, and went on walks. IDEAL!

That night they had a star party where a whole bunch of astronomers brought telescopes to show us cool things in the sky. We were able to see the sun, the craters on the moon, and Saturn and her moons! It was awesome!

The next morning we had to head out by 10 so we packed up and on the way out came across a herd of buffalo!

Love our National Parks!


Rachelle said...

Which campground did you stay in? And, did you make reservations?

Jana said...

I'm with John...I have always been too nervous to take the boys because I know I'd be so worried that they would fall! Looks like fun though!

Abbie said...

I had no idea there were buffalo there! So fun!!!